Sedation Dentistry in Newport Beach

Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Getting A Dental Exam

We have just the solution for those who have had a bad experience with pain levels in the past or are simply anxious with dentistry. Dental anxieties are very common and our staff is experienced in how to deal with these situations, whether big or small.

We offer a range of sedation methods, such as:

  • Conscious sedation: This method is a pain-relieving and relaxing method where you are still awake.
  • Deep sedation: A method in between conscious and unconscious, the medications are slightly stronger and you are more impaired.
  • General anesthesia: You will be unconscious under an anesthesiologist’s care. This is usually for a more complex or major procedure like surgery.

We have experienced specialists and a board-certified anesthesiologist who will take care of you through every step. At Dover Dental, we are sensitive to your needs and will be a calming presence through the whole process. Call us today for a free consultation and let us know if you are interested in sedation because of a past experience or anxiety at (949) 548-0966.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Full Service Dentistry
  • Dental Specialists On Staff
  • Complimentary Consultations
  • Providing In-House Insurance For Cash Patients