About Dover Dental

Dr. SahafiEvery dentist over the years has probably dreamed of what the ideal dental office would be like. At Dover Dental, it's not a dream anymore. Its for real.

From providing in-house insurance for cash patients, to same day all-porcealin crowns fabricated by a scanner and a 3-D printer, to in-house specialists with excellent reputations, Dr. Kate Sahafi, D.D.S., has created a dental office that makes life easier for her patients by striving to be respectful of their time and pocketbooks.

Stellar Specialists

Dover Dental patients referred to a specialist don't have to go to a new office, fill out new paperwork, and be X-rayed for the umpteenth time - the specialist comes to Dover Dental, making more X-rays and paperwork completely unnecessary. At Dover Dental, if you need a crown, you'll have one that fits like a glove usually within an hour. Cash patients at Dover Dental have access to the practice's in-house insurance that's "ten times better than what they could buy outside," says Dr. Sahafi.

The specialists all have stellar reputations. For example, Dr. Sahafi's oral surgeon is the former head of oral surgery at Hoag Hospital, and her periodontist teaches at UCLA. Dr. Sahafi insists on being in the room whenever a specialist is treating a patient, a policy that all three people involved like because it ensures that there is no misinformation or confusion as to the patient's history or needs.

Full Service Menu

A new addition to the practice recently was a scanner and a dental 3-D printer for producing precise all-porcelain crowns in a matter of minutes, meaning patients never have to deal with temporary crowns and return visits for the permanent version. Dover Dental has financing available for big-ticket items. Its services include pretty much everything, from gum surgery and implants to root canals, help with sleep apnea, sedation dentistry by a board certified anesthesiologist, and advanced cosmetic dentistry.