Janelle O’Rork, Hygienist

Dr. Kate Sahafi has spent her professional life dedicated to giving her
patients the highest level of quality dental care while focusing on both
long-term health and aesthetics. Veneers/Crowns, Bridges, Natural Looking Fillings, and 1-Hour Power Teeth
Whitening are only some of the procedures that Dr. Sahafi uses to create
beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. Dr. Sahafi earned her Doctorate of Dentistry’s Degree at University
of Lille II, France, in 1996. She earned her post graduate degree from
UCLA and completed her training in Cosmetic Dentistry at the UOP in San
Francisco. Dr. Sahafi has earned her clinical expertise in the field of Advanced Functional
Aesthetics from the world renowned Las Vegas Institute which trains the
top 1% dentists worldwide. In 2009 Dr. Sahafi attended a mini-residency program in Sleep Apnea directed
by Dr. Dennis Bailey and Dr. Merill at the Craniofacial Pain department
of UCLA School of Dentistry. There she learned how to diagnose and treat
patients suffering from sleep apnea who are intolerant to CPAP (Please
the Sleep Apnea page for more details). In her relentless effort to provide the best quality dental care to her
patients, she continuously hones her skills by investing tens of hours
in continuing dental educational courses. Dr. Sahafi is an active member of the American Academy Of General Dentistry.