Importance of dental check-up

Neglecting oral hygiene can end up in a lot of progressive diseases by age and they are costly over time, and losing your teeth will make you have difficulties in chewing and affect the beauty of your smile. Of course, there is no need to talk about bad breath.

What is the importance of dental check-up?

Cavities detection; as by clinical examination and x-ray, your dentist can detect if there are any visible or hidden cavities between any two teeth so that he can restore them before they get worsen.

Gums check-up & cleaning; The dentist can also detect the presence of plaque, calculus and inflammation as calculus and inflamed gums is the first reason for bad breath, bleeding during brushing and loosening of teeth by time. Scaling and polishing your teeth in the dental clinic every 6 months will remove calculus, decrease inflammation and make your gum and teeth healthier.

Check your bad habits; grinding your teeth during sleep, eating hard food and sweets or biting your nails can remove the external hard layer of your teeth by time, leading to their sensitivity and making them more capable of fracture later. Your dentist will help you a lot to get rid of these bad habits.

Oral cancer detection & Lymph node check-up; as early detection of any abnormalities can be lifesaving in many cases.

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