New Safety Protocols Regarding COVID-19

Our highest priority is to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible. We are working hard to implement new safety protocols before we are allowed to re-open our practice.

There are several issues that needed to be addressed in order for us to feel confident in our ability to continue seeing patients. The main concern for our workers and patients’ safety is the production of airborne material during dental procedures. This ubiquitous aerosolized cloud is a combination of materials originating from the treatment site and from dental unit waterlines. In order to eliminate the aerosol generated during your cleaning and dental treatment and to protect our staff and our patients we have implemented these steps:

  • extra-oral suction system being used to remove droplets and aerosols The Extra-oral Dental Suction System, manufactured by a local company in California, provides additional high volume removal of droplets and aerosols associated with dental care. With an extensive medical-grade filtration system, along with a UV light disinfectant, viral and germ products will be eliminated.
  • Purevac tool The use of Purevac, a high volume suction to enable a one-handed approach to evacuating fluid and debris while facilitating retraction to eliminate up to 99% the spread of aerosol.
  • Additionally, we are implementing new guidelines for personal protective equipment. Our staff in the operatories will be wearing surgical gowns and hats and face shields and grade 3 masks. Our patients will be provided a disposable apron and goggles.
  • Complete sterilization of all instruments to infection control protocol and extensive hand-washing protocols for all staff members.
  • We will provide our patients with 1% hydrogen peroxide to rinse their mouth; the COVID-19 virus is vulnerable to oxidation.
  • We have placed high-efficiency air filters in our exam/treatment rooms.
  • We are also limiting the number of patients per day and giving more time per appointment. Patients will remain in their vehicles until the scheduled appointment time. All patients will have their temperatures taken when they arrive.
  • We are now providing our patients with a secure patient portal for virtual consultations. We can offer clinical expertise and determine the next steps before scheduling an appointment. Just call and make a virtual consultation appointment like you do for your regular dental visit. We will send you a link to use for reaching us.

We will send out additional emails to remind scheduled patients about our new protocols. Please remember these steps are meant to protect our patients and staff.

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